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About Us

Hhotmusic365 TV is a independent network with its content centered around music and entertainment. Bringing you exclusive content, never before seen interviews, and behind the scenes footage from some of your favorite celebrities and hottest emerging artist. Not to mention a bunch of films, series, documentaries and more.  

Check out our original content “The Hot Seat” “Milk Tray” “Post on The Blox” “Blazin 10 Countdown”.

Who We Are

We are Creators. Our team is staffed with industry professionals from all areas of media. Artist, directors, Producers, Marketers and more make up the engine behind Hotmusic365 TV and its mission. We opened this platform for talented professionals in our network to display the works on a mainstream platform and we have accomplished just that. As we are in the beginning stages of this endevour and have seen and overh-whelming respond to the channel and the vision. with this respond from the public we are opening the network to feature deserving artist home and abroad.

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